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Last update: 2021-07-27

Watch the official music video for soulties (remix) by savannah cristina.🔔 subscribe to the channel:Sitting here scrolling through your messages i feel played like how the fuck u say you love me just the other day these soul ties got me stuck.Nikki hott beatz)savannah cristina remixes majornine's soulties produced by nikki hott beatz.These soul ties got me stuck again and i don't think i'm still in love cause i will never let you fuck again serious issues you got to much bitches.

Savannah cristina is a singer/songwriter and spoken word poet from south florida.Born in miami, the lyricist moved to fort lauderdale at the age of six where her music teacher convinced her.Stream soul ties remix (prod.Nikki hott beatz) by savannah cristina from desktop or your mobile device.Savannah cristina remixes majornine's soul ties produced by nikki hott beatz.

Listen to your favorite songs from soulties by savannah cristina now.Download our mobile app now.Savannah cristina was born in miami, florida on april 3, 1997.She moved to the melrose park neighborhood in fort lauderdale at the age of 6.Cristina began singing in church as well as local community events.

She told american songwriter that she discovered her love of music in second grade, when a choir teacher told her she had a gift.7.make this money ted stay fresh.2019 • 11 songs (39:32) play.8 make this money ted stay fresh.Top songs by savannah cristina.

Self care (extended version) savannah cristina.What you wont do savannah cristina.(ain't taking nothing from you) / sitting here staring at your picture with a slight grin / even though you hate me i know you'll let me fuck again / them soul ties got you stuckLiberty city, florida recording artist majornine drops off soulties project featuring lil dred, lil ted, tokyo jetz & savannah cristina #touchmoneyLyrics to 'self care' by savannah cristina.

I felt this before and i can't afford to cry i got work in the morn i got bills i got family ties you play with the piece of me2019 • 9 songs (44:57) play.7 make this money ted stay fresh slowed.The florida native decided to play hooky from work recently.The singer and songwriter was going through a lot so she.

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What you won't do, the next man will.(the next man will, hey) you ain't worth my time.(mmm, mm) i came back to let you know, i don't play that game.You can have them hoes.Uh, mm, your friends wonder what is wrong with you.

And they hit my line.Soul ties (remix) lyrics by savannah cristina [tokyo jetz] sittin' here staring at this phone you got me f*cked up.Soul ties i know you need me sometimes you forget it reminiscing with these pictures wondering if you miss it can't let you hurt me, swear you trying i deserve betterรายการเพลงของเรามีรายการเพลง legal crime radio สำหรับ 7 วันที่ผ่านมาMiami's own savannah cristina is a bold and robust vocalist who is making her presence felt in the r&b world.

E self care (single) savannah cristina.Nakamura (deluxe edition) aya nakamura.Comfortable (single) [edited / clean] savannah cristina.Soul makossa lafayette afro rock band.E to myself baby rose.