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Original poster 4 years ago.You're probably right that i should improve my oral hygiene, but this picture isn't the result of chips scraping off a piece of gross bacteria carpet.Tongue peeling is very common after eating sour candy, very salty foods and vinegar chips.It is also common in people who suffer from a geographic tongue.In some cases, stds, pregnancy and some fungal infections can cause the tongue skin to peel underneath.

Here are causes and treatments.My mouth is watering, i know that feeling all too well!I used to eat them so much i could peel the surface of my tongue afterward using just my fingers.My mom did this on a massive party bag of salt and vinegar chips.She literally peeled the top two layers of her tongue off, in almost one sheet.

Well the name of the chips should tell you the reason haha.Salt and vinegar can do that to the tongue due to the acidity from the chips, especially if you don't usually eat chips or have foods like that in general.It's subside in a day or so.Drink more water than usual to help as well.Salt & vinegar chips are awesome.

The old dutch variety of kettle chips salt & vinegar is the strongest i know, and they literally destroy my mouth.After i can't stop eating them and get a half bag down and finally stop, the outer layer of skin inside my mouth and cheeks literally sloughs off the next day.Certain foods like vinegar chips and those containing salt may lead to peeling of the tongue.Processed foods may also lead to tongue peeling, as the chemicals and storing ingredients used in them may not be suitable for your mouth.The tongue is sensitive enough to develop disorders when it comes in contact with harsh materials.

I think i damaged my taste buds and/or nerve endings in my mouth.Had a whole damn bag of salt & vinegar potato chips last night (they were soooo good, i couldn't put them down).Now my mouth feels numb and i can't taste anything!I love vinegar and salt potato chips, and i get it really bad all over my mouth and tongue when i eat them.My tongue actually has permanent splits in the top layer.

Also, when the peeling first began in childhood, i developed a bad habit of picking and chewing those areas.I go through stages of eating different flavours of crisps and have just started eating salt and vinegar again recently.Every time i have them, a few hours later my mouth/lips go all numb and tingly!!The salt and vinegar acid drys the tongue out and leaves a slightly bad taste in your mouth.Salt/vinegar is a very strong taste but a satisfying compliment to most foods.

It is an enhancement to flavor of meats, veggies, potatoes, rice and many foods.You taste buds favor a salty taste or sweet taste, mine is salty.Injured my tongue with salt and vinegar crisps.But not just any salt and vinegar crisps.They were from the coop and were their 'sea salt and chardonnay white wine vinegar crisps.

I have noticed before that they are really strong, to the extent that they make me have a hot flush while im eating them.According to lay's, a serving of normal salt and vinegar chips is 28 grams (1 ounce), or about 17 chips.Each serving has 160 calories, 2 grams of protein and 10 grams of fat, and 1.5 grams of that come from saturated fat.Lay's salt and vinegar chips also have 15 grams of carbohydrates, and 1 gram of these carbohydrates comes from fiber.It's what happens when you eat too much salty/sour food (or chips!) and you end up irritating your tastebuds or scraping some of them off.

They grow back quickly, just make sure to wash your mouth out with mouthwash frequently.Yeah, it could be thrush as well, all the more reason to give your mouth a good rinse.Unknown user on june 2009I eat tons and tons of salt and vinegar chips and can safely say, my tongue has never peeled lol.And it sucks, since salt and vinegar are the best!

From what i can best tell and after asking my doc, it seems to be any time you have more acid in your mouth this happens.Last night i ate pringles salt and vinegar chips.The vinegar made me wake up with a lot of peeling.Toothpastes can produce the same affects.Outer layer of your tongue sloughing off.

August 24, 2011, 12:40:45 am ».I was talking to a friend the other day about salt and vinegar potato chips (or crisps, dowyf).I love 'em and will eat them until my mouth hurts.She loves them, and when she eats too many she says that the outer layer of her tongue peels off.Additionally, flavored tortilla chips can be high in sodium — this bag contains 1,027.6 milligrams of sodium, or 43.

I noticed that the peeling lips will go away for a week and then i'll wake up one morning and it will be back for a day or two causing me to believe i'm irritating it somehow.I ate a bunch of salt and vinegar chips last night as well (noticed a lot of ppl mentioning that).So that could be it.Tongue peeling is very common and can affect anyone at any age that may be common after eating very salty foods, vinegar chips or even be experienced during pregnancy.Get more insight on the causes, remedies and treatment which includes geographic tongue, stds and so on.

Salt and vinegar chips is mouthwatering finger licking recipe which uses only three ingredients with no frying.The salt and vinegar chips is famous among kids and youngsters too.It is favorite recipe among kids.Now you have best option in the form this salt and vinegar chips as it can be serve as best appetizer among kids and youngsters too.A peeling tongue is common after consuming vinegar chips, sour candy, or foods that are very salty.

The problem is also common among people who have a geographic tongue.There are instances where the problem is brought about by fungal infections, stds, and pregnancy.Salt and vinegar chips were first produced in the 1950s (thanks tayto brand!) and it's easy to assume that these dry vinegar technologies were born out of the same era—the one that delivered us boxed cake mixes and cheeze whiz.In reality, the method of combining starch and vinegar and letting it dry is actually really old.My burning mouth syndrome began over 7 months ago with what i originally believed to be oral thrush caused by a candida overgrowth.

Six doctors and a lot of misdiagnosis later, i discovered that i have a nickel allergy.Water, grains, legumes, nuts, anything with a soy derivative, chocolate, salt sometimes, some fruits, and acid can aggravate it.Possible causes of skin peeling in the mouth include:I also suggest that you rinse your mouth with warm salt water three or four times a day, just to bathe the tissues and make them feel.Love sea salt and vinegar but, after shamefully eating a whole bag in one sitting three days ago, this morning my tongue starting peeling.

Not sure if anyone else has had this issue with the chips tearing up their mouth from the acidity or maybe i shouldn't eat a whole bag at once lolA peeling tongue — or one that appears to be peeling — could be the result of damage to your tongue's surface, or it might indicate an underlying condition such as oral thrush, geographic.Ships from and sold by amazon.com.Free shipping on orders over $25.00.Lay's potato chip variety pack, 1 ounce (pack of 40) $13.98 ($0.35/count)