[Viral] mercedes benz eqc

Last update: 2021-07-28

Bij ons kunt je zorgeloos rijden.Met persoonlijke service en een hoge klanttevredenheid.Bereken jouw inruilwaarde en kom langs voor een proefrit of vraag een offerte aanDe nieuwe eqc brengt elektrisch rijden naar een nieuw niveau.Exclusive automotive partner of all global league of legends.

All models come were going to offer a sunroof to let natural light into.At least for other global markets.Sadly, mercedes has delayed the eqc indefinitely for us.It is the first member of the fully electric mercedes eq family, a range that will expand to include 10 new models by 2022.Mercedes are absolutely the safety people, so they've made the eqc's battery narrower than rivals.

It doesn't spread right out to the sills but instead has about 10cm of extra impact.The german automaker then delayed the delivery of the vehicle to the u.s.Mercedes keeps promoting the eqc 4x4², but it still has no plans to put it into production.Output is a healthy 402 hp, and.The eqc 4x4² is an electric car of extremes.

Despite mercedes penchant for technical innovation, it has been relatively slow to adopt electric vehicles.Tesla may have broken new ground in making electric vehicles cool and desirable, but now the big guns are entering the fight.Charge time 12h45min @ 7.4 kw / 35 min 20 to 80 % @ 110 kw.Battery 85 kwh lithium ion / 80 kwh usable.Ev range 417 km / 259 miles wltp.

Everything speaks in favour of the new eqc.With astonishing range, extensive charging infrastructure and the highest level of safety, the eqc gives us a fascinating new feel for electric driving.Mercedes' first proper electric car hits a competitive mark dynamically and might exceed rivals for comfort and refinement.Big appeal for the eco.2020 wheels car of the year.

The all new eqc has just been awarded the 2020 wheels car of the year.Wheels car of the year 2020.An extraordinary testament to the quality, design.On the interior, the dashboard is made from recyled materials, with a 10.3 screen and touchpad in the cabin, you will be in full control of this suv.The eqc is the future of electric driving.

Those numbers help it accelerate to 60 miles per hour in 4.8 seconds.Until you put your foot down.Then it becomes a sports car.Even from a standing start, full torque is available and smoothly accelerates the eqc.Really, its electric promise is simple.