[Viral] kv3

Last update: 2021-07-26

Add to comparison vehicle added to comparison add vehicle configuration to comparison vehicle.The kliment voroshilov (kv) tanks are a series of soviet heavy tanks named after the soviet defence commissar and politician kliment voroshilov which operated with the red army during world war ii.The first design (object 221) was never built, but it was supposed to have a 85mm gun.Despite a lower maximum speed this machine is more mobile than its.You're completely right, vstabs can't be mounted, so you get gld instead.

It has a rounded shape, similar to a pomegranate or stayputnik.Tomb kv3, located in egypt's valley of the kings, was intended for the burial of an unidentified son of pharaoh ramesses iii in the twentieth dynasty (it is similar in design to the tombs of his sons that.