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Last update: 2021-07-28

Coming 2 america is a 2021 american comedy film that serves as a sequel to the 1988 film coming to america starring eddie murphy.Et sat down with the comedy legend to talk his new film, 'dolemite is my name,' which hits theaters on oct.4, 2019, before it starts streaming on netflix.With eddie murphy, arsenio hall, jermaine fowler, leslie jones.Will this trigger wacky sequel ideas for bergman's face to face, or kurosawa's to live?

The original movie, directed by john landis, had murphy as the discontented.Plenty of coming to america cast members are returning for coming 2 america.Here's a complete cast and character reprisal guide for the sequel.Eddie murphy returns as prince akeem joffer, the future king of zamunda, who travels to america after learning that he has a son named lavelle.Eddie murphy, left, at home in the hollywood hills and arsenio hall in los angeles.

There's never been a period where we haven't been friends murphy and hall reprise several of their supporting characters, joined by coming to america alumni james earl jones, shari headley and john amos.Coming to america was directed by john landis, and there's a story or two behind that, as murphy relayed in a 1990 playboy interview.Before wakanda, there was zamunda, the fictional african kingdom eddie murphy's prince akeem stood to inherit in coming to america.Eddie murphy's 'coming 2 america' moves from paramount to amazon studios.Eddie murphy's prince returns friday with coming 2 america, the sequel to the hit 1988 comedy coming to america. here are some details about what to expect and when and where to tune in.

What is 'coming 2 america' about?In the 1988 film, prince akeem joffer (eddie murphy) of.Stars eddie murphy, arsenio hall, and others tell vice how the sequel to the 80s classic was purposely crafted to give viewers two hours of joy.Murphy tells vice that when coming to america came out, he hadn't thought about doing a sequel, since the original story wrapped up so neatly, with.Coming 2 america videos coming 2 america:

And so it's with a.When eddie murphy comes back, he does it all the way!This year, the comedian has already returned in a big way by starring in potential oscar contender it's an overwhelmingly awesome amount of eddie murphy we'll be getting into our lives in the near future.Coming 2 america is likely to be the.A sequel to murphy's hit 1988 film coming to america has been anticipated by fans for yearscredit:

Eddie murphy revives his role as randy watson in coming 2 america. photo:It's just one of the ways in which coming 2 america honors the 'coming to america' was such an iconic film for us and such a milestone in african american culture, said en vogue's cindy herron.Coming 2 america finds eddie murphy's prince akeem back in the fictional african kingdom of zamunda, enjoying life with his love lisa (shari still, those moments are fleeting;Murphy sometimes seems bored as akeem, only really coming to life when he's caked in prosthetics as clarence, the.But an attempt to go back to that well with craig brewer's sequel coming 2 america is a disappointing misfire.

Eddie murphy's sequel to the 1988 classic coming to america is headed to amazon studios in a deal that will set up the anticipated release for a paramount originally penciled in a christmas day release of coming to america 2, but uncertainty as to when movie theaters can or will return back a.