Proper care is a must when you have a digital piano. Dust, scratches, stains, and drink spills are all pain in the butt. Dust is something that you don’t have much control over. Stains and spills on the other hand are usually accidental. These can cause problems (both minor and major) to digital pianos or any other musical instrument for that matter.

Many people think that dusting over an instrument with a cloth is enough. What they don’t realize is the dust build up underneath the keys. Over time, dust goes through the tiny gaps between the keys and builds up under them. While dust isn’t such a big problem, the build up can affect the way the notes sound. Cleaning the dust built up would require you to open up the instrument, remove the keys, and so on – all of which would take too much of your time.

Something important you should remember is to not use a vacuum cleaner to pull out the dust. There are tiny parts and screws and nuts that may get loosened.

So how can you avoid this problem? The solution is simple. All you need is a good quality dust cover. Simply cover the digital piano to avoid dust from getting under the keys. It will also stop the instrument from getting any scratches. If you don’t play the instrument for a long period of time, it’s a good idea to remove the cover of a while to let some air in. This will prevent the build up of mold inside.

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You can get a decent cover for under $20. Click here for more details.

As it goes for any liquid, keep it away from the instrument. Don’t sip on coffee or have a glass of water when you’re playing your digital piano. Drink spills can be a nightmare. Not only will it cause major problems (sluggish keys, destroyed electronics), the cost of repairs will put a dent on your wallet.

Unless you have a waterproof cover, put away your digital piano if you’re having a party. Some people can be careless and may put their drinks on your instrument. The drinks may spill or leave a cup ring stain.

If you want to know more tips on maintenance, click here to read another article by Digital Piano Review.

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