Previous, Digital Piano Review wrote articles on Yamaha’s P Series (read here) and the ARIUS/YDP Series (read it here). Today, we bring you this article on yet another Yamaha line – the CP series.

For Yamaha’s brief from our previous article, “Yamaha’s backgrounds as a musical instrument’s manufacturer can be traced back to late 1880s. From modest beginnings fixing music organs Yamaha has grown to become one of the world’s largest, best known, and most successful manufacturers of instruments. By constantly innovating, Yamaha digital pianos can be found in many of world’s best recording studio and are played by many of the world’s top musicians.”

Digital Piano Review – CP Series

Now, let’s move into the series. As the world’s largest manufacturer of pianos, Yamaha produced the CP Series to meet the needs of pianists based on their experience.

With genuine piano sounds and touch, you will feel as if you’re playing a grand piano. The dynamic notes and voice samples seem spot on. Yamaha uses stereo samples of top quality instruments recorded with precision. This result in accurate grand piano sounds regardless of the way you play. The sound technology in the CP series provides nuanced and authentic sounds.

As it goes for the feel and touch, Yamaha’s extensive experience kicks in. To mimic the feel of a tradition acoustic piano, Yamaha’s Graded Hammer Effect action keyboard does the job. It delivers the realistic resistance, increasing from top register to lower. You will feel the difference when hitting both low and high notes. It makes the playing experience even better.

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There’s something important you should know. The CP series is best for stage performers. But that doesn’t mean it’s not good for practice. All models come with mono piano sound. This built-in technology was specially designed for stage performances.

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