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Since you’re on the internet researching these instruments right now, chances are you will buy it online. Buying online will likely save you money compared to buying it at a store. When buying online, you will receive box or boxes delivered at your doorstep. The process of unboxing and setting up digital pianos is actually quite simple as there is barely any need of assembling.

The first one we unboxed was one of the best-selling Casio Privia PX-130. The number of boxes you receive at your doorstep will depend on when you only order the digital piano or order additional accessories as a bundle. For the sake of keeping it simple, let’s start with the process of only unboxing the instrument.

The steps

First, you take a knife or any sharp object and cut the tape that was used to pack the box. Be careful, though. You will see the product manual attached inside the package. Go through it first. It’s not necessary to read every single page, although that is highly recommended so that you’re on the right track.

Next, take out AC Adapter and the Music Stand that came along with the box. Then, carefully take the digital piano itself out of the box. Make sure that whoever takes it out has the ability to carry the weight, despite the fact that most digital pianos are light. For instance, don’t tell your kids to do the unboxing as things could go wrong. Finally, once everything is out of the box, start following the User’s Manual to set up and start playing and enjoy yourselves.

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