Previously, Digital Piano Reviews posted information on the Celviano Series by Casio (click here to read that article). Today, we bring you another article on Casio’s Privia Series. The current models in the Privia series include the PX-130, PX-150, PX-330, PX-350, PX-3, PX-750, PX-830, and PX-850 and more.

Digital Piano Reviews – The Privia Series

With its Privia series of digital pianos, Casio has redefined the category of digital pianos. You get exceptional sound quality and performance features in a stylish. Still, the elegant design that is completely portable. You get outstanding grand piano sounds, a new Tri-Sensor 88 note scaled hammer action keyboard and light-weight models. This makes the Privia models versatile. So they’re sufficient for any atmosphere. Whether it’s home, studio, or stage, it’ll do the job.

Privia digital pianos come in many different instrument tones. Some of the models have 16 different tones. Meanwhile the more expensive ones have hundreds. Whether you’re playing rock, jazz or classical music the piano sounds in Privia deliver.

All Privia models have 4 layer stereo grand piano tones. This results in an expressive and dynamic grand piano sound. The dynamics flawlessly come out using Casio’s AiF Linear Morphing sound source and up to 256 notes of polyphony. With sacrificing the portability of the instrument, you still get the touch and feel of a grand piano. Sounds are produced by a scaled hammer action keyboard. This superior technology of Casio delivers unmatched detail and genuineness of a grand piano.


Casio launched its Privia line of instruments to offer remarkable sound, authentic looks, superior technological features, and portability, offering better performance. Overall, this makes them valuable instruments. Based on our own experience, we recommend you consider choosing one of the many Privia digital pianos offered by Casio.

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See the details and prices of the available Casio Privia models.


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