Welcome to Digital Piano Review. Parents whose children will be learning the piano will need to obviously get the instrument. Choosing the right one can be a bit difficult. In addition to the cost of music lessons, there is a cost of buying the instrument itself. For some parents it could be tough since this can be a large investment for kids.

Now, you may wonder whether to an acoustic, digital, or electric keyboard will be the best for kids. Each of them has their pros and cons. Digital pianos can be great as an alternative to the acoustic ones. If you’re planning on getting one for your child’s music lessons, the music teacher may require some must-have features.

What features should a digital piano have?

The most important feature has to be the weighted keys. It’s good to have at least 76 keys. But, it’s best to have 88 keys – the standard. Unlike cheap, plastic keys that electric keyboards have, weighted keys provide the feel like that of an acoustic piano.

For practicing and playing, having headphone output can be excellent. Some models come with only, while others come with more headphone jacks. For new learners, it’s best to have at least two. This way, the student and the teacher can both put headphones on without disturbing others. It will also help them focus more since they’ll only be hearing what they’re playing. Even when your kid’s playing alone, it will keep you from getting disturbed. But remember to keep checking to see how they’re doing.

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Having a metronome is also great for kids – especially new learners. A metronome is used during practice to maintain the tempo. It’s nice to know that most digital pianos come with this feature. If it doesn’t (that’s unlikely) you can purchase a separate one. Almost all piano teachers use this feature when teaching.

The features mentioned above are all important. There are other features great for young learners, but they’ll do fine without them. For example, some models come with extra features for improving the learning experience. If you are on a budget, then don’t spend extra just to get these optional features. It’s also a good idea to buy used. Read our article on buying a used digital piano here.

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