Welcome to Digital Piano Reviews. This article briefly discusses Casio’s new Celviano Series. Casio extends its enduring history of innovation in digital pianos. It offers cutting-edge technology, authentic tone, enhanced keyboard touch, and traditional upright cabinet styling through its Celviano line of models. The models include the AP-620, AP-420, and the AP-220.

Digital Piano Reviews – The Celviano line of models

The Celviano series of digital pianos have been developed for those who demand the realistic high-grade grand piano experience. Celviano models come in a traditional design with digital technology. It is a blend of old and new.

With newly redesigned keyboard action and stereo grand piano sounds, the Celviano models make use of the new tri-sensor spring-less 88 note scaled hammer action. It captures your performance in depth. The stereo grand piano sounds that deliver the natural, expressive, and vibrant experience come in 4 layers.

To deliver the high level of realism and appearance, the grand piano sounds of Celviano digital pianos have four dynamic levels of stereo piano samples. That’s combined with Casio’s AiF Linear Morphing System. This results in authentic piano sounds with smoother transitions and superior dynamic range.

For even more realism, Celviano models use something called the Acoustic Resonance DSP. So the sounds are produced using dampers raised by the pedals. These high-quality features add more realism to your performance.

Along with the authentic sound, looks, and feel that of a grand piano, Celviano models have the digital technology that makes them a worthy investment. A student can play with his/her teacher simultaneously using the duet mode.

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As it goes for the looks, all Celviano models are designed to fit perfectly in your home. The modest, yet elegant design creates a look defining high-quality. Whether it’s the beautiful black wood or dark wood grain-like finish. Or the brass pedals, music stand, superior ivory keyboard, and the matching height-adjustable bench, the Celvianos are pleasing to the eyes. Even with such similarities of grand pianos, Casio’s Celviano digital pianos take less space and have more portability.

Users can use headphones while playing. This meaning no more distractions to anyone. You can practice using the song book, and 60 built-in songs. And more importantly, you can easily connect your Celviano with a computer using a USB/MIDI ports, making it an excellent instrument, especially for beginners.


With so much offered, we recommend any beginner or professional to consider investing in anyone of the Casio Celviano digital pianos. Overall, you get the traditional grand piano experience that is unmatched at any price. Every penny you spend will be worth it.

All Casio Celviano models can be bought on Amazon for a lower than retail price, and even free shipping. Click here to see the prices.

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