Welcome to Digital Piano Review. Buying used goods can be a good thing. Getting a used digital piano is fine as long as you do your research. If you don’t, things could get pretty bad because of certain pitfalls. Of course, buying used has advantages. The obvious one is saving money. Remember, a really low price doesn’t always mean you’re getting a good deal.

Where to buy a digital piano?

Some of the best places to buy used digital pianos include: local music store, Amazon, eBay, and online marketplaces. If you’ll be purchasing through an online marketplace like Craigslist or Kijiji, make sure you make your purchase face-to-face. Don’t ever send the seller money. It’s likely a scam.

Among all these online retailers, our number 1 recommendation goes to Amazon.com. It’s become a phenomenon. But why Amazon? There’s wider selection of products available. And the biggest one has to be: the deals! The savings you get on Amazon are amazing. Most products qualify for free shipping. How great is that? Buying digital pianos or practically anything else on Amazon can save you a ton of money. Discounts of 40-60% are common on musical instruments. Don’t believe us, click here to see for yourself!

However, making payments online on Amazon and eBay is safe. Make sure the seller has a positive feedback from other buyers. These online giants are also a place to save money. If you want to buy a musical instrument online, Digital Piano Review recommends Amazon.com. You can save a lot of money. Most goods come with discounts and even free shipping. But, warranties and refund policies should also be taken into consideration.

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Some advantages of buying online include:

  • Easily compares prices at different stores
  • Amazon, and eBay protect buyers from fraud (to a certain extent)
  • Prices fluctuate and can be easily tracked
  • Can save time and money (no traveling required)
  • Locations not limited (no need to drive 1000 miles to make a purchase)
  • More selection and better decision making
  • Easily find reviews from other buyers
  • Product shipped at your doorstep
  • Free shipping on most products on Amazon

Avoid scams as well. There are people selling $2000 pianos for $100 on eBay. That seems too good to be true. If buying used in person, make sure to try out (pressing buttons, keys, knobs, etc.). If the buyer doesn’t let you test, avoid it. When buying used, always be careful.

Digital Piano Review – End of Part 1

This is it for part 1 of buying a used digital piano. In part 2, we will cover more details, like testing pedals, key response, damages, and more. Digital Piano Review has posted part 2 – read it here.

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