Digital Piano Reviews brings you the part 2 of the advantages of having a digital piano over an acoustic model. If you haven’t read part 1, click here to read it.

Compared to acoustic (traditional) pianos, digital pianos come in more variety and choices. You can get a smaller, portable stage model, or go with the upright ones that look similar to a acoustic piano. As you probably know, digital pianos are designed as an alternative to acoustic one, which is why they look similar to each other.

What about the sound? In digital pianos, sounds are produced electronically. Basically, the sound is produced by making use of the sound sample. The acoustic ones on the other hand produce sound from the striking of hammers against the strings. The better and more expensive the instrument, the better quality samples it uses to produce sounds.

Speaking of sounds, digital pianos comes with several sound types, including those of other musical instruments. For example, there might be an option to produce the sound of a pipe organ, which can be played using the keys. Generally, the more expensive the model, the more sound types you will get. You can even compose a symphony using the basic features. How easy and cool is that!

As they are “digital”, these instruments come with the benefit of newer, improved technology. Many models come with MIDI capabilities. With this very feature, you can connect your instrument to a computer and use it as a recording studio. You can easily compose and record music, and even load MIDI files from CDs and into your instrument’s hard drive. If you are looking for built-in recording and better playback features, you may need to pay more.

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The technology in digital pianos is not limited to itself or the computer. The latest models allow you to connect the instrument to the internet, and often include built-in expansion slots. Such features let you download compositions from the internet onto the instrument’s built-in hard drive , thus preventing it from becoming outdated.

And of course, there is the benefit of having headphone output(s) – something that all currently available models are fitted with. That means you can play anytime with disturbing others. It also helps you, the player, from getting distracted from others. Some models have more than one headphone output, meaning you can practice with a partner or your teacher.

Digital Piano Reviews – Conclusion

Digital Pianos combine the elegance of a traditional acoustic piano with more portability, flexibility, and affordability. We are guessing you now have enough reasons to choose this type of instrument instead of an more traditional acoustic model. Fortunately, there has never been a better time to buy a digital piano, especially with the superior technology it comes with. They are getting more affordable and better by the day.

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